Touchstone 2009-10 Awards

The six Northern California chapters of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) sponsor an annual technical communication competition. Winners in the Distinguished category and, at the judges’ discretion, some entries in the Excellence category go on to the Society-level competitions, where they compete with entries from around the world. This year we are sending all Excellence entries to the Society-level competitions.


The entry is clearly superior in all areas. It contains no major flaws, and few, if any, minor flaws. It applies the principles of technical communication in an outstanding way, particularly in the way it anticipates and fulfills the needs of its audience.

Autodesk Inventor Show Me Animations


Nick Hasselblad                   Jessica Yu                                          Paul Norman
Claudia Wood                        Ashley Rutherford                             Song Yang
Shirley Koh                            Colin Zhang                                       Kathy Wang
Teresa Yu                              Autodesk Manufacturing Technical Publications                                   

Motor Gasolines Technical Review


Andrea Farr
Jacqueline Jones


The entry consistently meets high standards in all areas. It might contain a single major flaw or a few minor flaws. The entry clearly (if slightly imperfectly) demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles.

iPod touch User Guide


Nathan Melsted
Stefan Smith
Garet Igarashi

Autodesk Inventor Help


Jeanie Wayker                       Claudia Wood                                    Nick Hasselblad
Teresa Yu                              Paul Norman                                     Jessica Yu
Ashley Rutherford                 Colin Zhang                                       Kathy Wang
Patrick Miller                        Rene Plautz                                       Bill Cari
Darin Redlinger                    Ted Saufley                                        Bill Bogan
Irena Kubicova                      Stepa Vnuckova
Autodesk Manufacturing Technical Publications

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Tutorials


Lora Harrison                        Erin Wilson                                        Kevin Cheung
Soyo Ahn                                Gustav Verhulsdonck                       Shannon Rouiller
Debbie Mayhew                    Brett Johnson

Get Started Guide for Palm Pre Phone for Sprint


Joe Sadusky                           Kwong Liew                                       Arthur Manzi
Kristin Schwarz                     Palm User Assistance Team

Attacks on Mobile and Embedded Systems: Current Trends

Write Quick

Abby Breedt

Best Practices for Testing Secure Applications for Embedded Devices

Write Quick

Monique Semp


The entry consistently meets high standards in most areas. It might contain a small number of major or minor flaws but it still applies technical communication principles in a highly proficient manner.

Using Advent Revenue Center: Case Studies


Heather Donnell
Stewart Florsheim

Keynote '09 User Guide


Usha Alexander
Ann Walker
Julie Finnigan

Mac OSX Server Getting Started Version 10.6 Snow Leopard


Lon Poole
Danny Wong
Christine Franco

Server Field Guide


Bob Mueller
Kay Burnett
Tom Llewellyn

iPod shuffle Quick Start


Ginny Gelczis
Ahree Lee
Tom Llewelly

AG3034A Aggregator Installation and Activation Guide


Cheryl Morris
Edmund Perry
Shridhar Kulkarni

Scalable Node Installation and Activation Guide


Vince Swanson
Edmund Perry
Glenn Carley

Moving from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Electrical Help


Shirley Koh
Nick Hasselblad

Installation of the Palm Pre Phone Retail Display


Cathi Skyles
Kwong Liew
Arthur Manzi
Palm User Assistance Team

Clips for Palm Pre Phone on


Caroline Bressler                  Midyne Spear                                    David Chien
Kathe Rickel                          Palm User Assistance Team

webOS Help System for the Palm Pre Phone for Sprint


Joe Sadusky                           Kristin Schwarz                                 Paul Shine
Arthur Manzi                         Tom Baker                                        Chris Lucey
Jane Faraola                          Caroline Bressler                              Josh Noble
Kathe Rickel                          Palm User Assistance Team

Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 Topic Set

Sun Microsystems

Matt Matlock
Sue Jackson

Sun Rack II

Sun Microsystems

Daniel Brougher
Michael Bloomenfeld
Billie Markim


The following people evaluated the entries: Abby Breedt, Melody Brumis, Karen Byers, Marc DeLucia, Jerry Franklin, Susan Jaeger, Nathaniel Lim, Michael Meyer, Joy Montgomery, Chris Muntzer, Frank Ripp, Monique Semp, Vince Swanson, Prescott Williams, Steven Zegas


The following people volunteered in non-judging roles: Guy Haas, Judith Herr, Misty Herr, Joe Humbert, Patrick Lufkin, Richard Mateosian