2007–08 Technical Communication Competition Awards

The five Bay Area chapters sponsored a 2007–08 STC technical communication competition to benefit the STC Kenneth Gordon Scholarship. The following sections list the award winners at each of the three award levels recognized in STC competitions. Each section begins with the official criteria for that level of award.


The entry is clearly superior in all areas. It contains no major flaws, and few, if any, minor flaws. It applies the principles of technical communication in an outstanding way, particularly in the way it anticipates and fulfills the needs of its audience.

The competition forwards Distinguished entries to the Society level competitions.

iDVD '08 Help

Dana Beatty, Apple
Mei Wang, Apple
Sue Leasure, Apple

iWork '08 Instructional Suite

Karen Thomas, Apple
Frances Segal, Apple
Lissy Abraham, Apple
Frances Segal, Apple
Ann Walker, Apple

Molecular Connection

Harold Bradley, Elsevier MDL
Karen Byers, Elsevier MDL
Anne DeLaFiganiere, Elsevier MDL

My Palm Treo Smartphone Tutorials

Caroline Bressler, Palm
Arthur Manzi, Palm
Josh Noble


The entry consistently meets high standards in all areas. It might contain a single major flaw or a few minor flaws. The entry clearly (if slightly imperfectly) demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles.

Airport Extreme Setup Guide

Clifford Hunt, Apple
Sara Donahue, Apple
Charlotte Clark, Apple

Audio Unit Programming Guide

Murray Jason, Apple
David Arrigoni, Apple
Jeanne Woodward, Apple

Core Audio Overview

Jun Suzuki, Apple
Jeanne Woodward, Apple
David Arrigoni, Apple

iMovie '08 Help

Usha Alexander, Apple
Sara Donahue, Apple
Ann Walker, Apple

iPhone User's Guide

Stefan Smith, Apple
Garet Igarashi, Apple
Gary Miller, Apple

iPod Shuffle Quick Start

Ginny Gelczis, Apple
Stefan Smith, Apple
Garet Igarashi, Apple
Jason Cabassi, Apple

Opti-Trace CMS Craft Management Software
Installation and User Guide

Elizabeth Labine, Aurora Networks
Ed Perry, Aurora Networks

Autodesk LocationLogic XML Web Services Developer's Guide

John Wilkinson, Rollingwood Solutions
Abby Breedt, Autodesk

Autodesk MapGuide Studio User's Guide

Annette McGovern, Autodesk
Andrew Vernon, Autodesk

Autodesk MapGuide Studio Getting Started Guide

Andrew Vernon, Autodesk
Laura Wade, Autodesk

Biocare Website

Crystal Stevenson, Biocare
John Steel, Biocare

GigaSpaces Wiki Documentation Portal

Gilad David Maayan, GigaSpaces
Michael Mitrani, GigaSpaces
Shlomo Pariente Cohen, GigaSpaces
Limor Maayan, GigaSpaces

Migrating from Cisco IOS to Cisco IOS XR Software
on the Cisco XR 12000 Series Router

Pamela Taylor, Cisco Systems
Bronya Feldmann, Cisco Systems
Elizabeth Tinker, Cisco Systems

NorthStar Process Customization Guide

Jackie Wheeler, NorthStar

Oracle Database 2 Day Developer's Guide

Roza Leyderman, Oracle Corporation

Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit Setup

Cathi Skyles
Kwong Liew
Jane Faraola, Palm

Palm Treo 680 Read This First

Midyne Spear
Kwong Liew
Arthur Manzi, Palm

Now You Know Treo 680 Smartphone

Kristin Schwarz, Palm
Cathi Skyles
Patrick Ames

Sonoma Medicine

Steve Osborn, Redwood Health Services
Steve Graydon
Nan Perrott

Stoke SSX-3000 Hardware Quick Start

Greg McMillan
Clyde Higaki
David R. Gardner
Robert Hastings
Charles Tan
Wing F. Ko
Bill Evans
Kevin Delgadillo
Peter Wexler


The entry consistently meets high standards in most areas. It might contain a small number of major or minor flaws but it still applies technical communication principles in a highly proficient manner.

Designing Airport Networks Using Airport Utility

Clifford Hunt, Apple
Sara Donahue, Apple
Charlotte Clark, Apple

Mac OS X Security Configuration Guide

Kay Burnett, Apple
Danny Wong, Apple
Christine Franco, Apple

Mac OS X Server Security Configuration Guide

Kay Burnett, Apple
Danny Wong, Apple
Christine Franco, Apple

Xserve Diagnostics User's Guide

Jeff Wong, Apple
Christine Franco, Apple
Tom Llewellyn, Apple

Aurora Platform — Solutions for Headends and Hubs

Ed Perry, Aurora Networks
Dave Sell, Aurora Networks
Melissa Hicks, Mosaic Marketing

AT3300G 1 GHz Analog Transmitters
Installation and Activation Guide

Vince Swanson, Aurora Networks
Ed Perry, Aurora Networks

AT3550 1550 nm Broadcast Transmitters
Installation and Activation Guide

Vince Swanson, Aurora Networks
Ed Perry, Aurora Networks

AutoCAD 2008 New Features Guide

Dieter Schlaepfer, Autodesk
Mike Fisher, Autodesk
Allen Lowe, Autodesk

AutoCAD Map 3D 2008 Geospatial Developer's Guide

Ian Hawkins, Autodesk
Philip Sharman, Autodesk
Bill Crawford, Autodesk

Autodesk Map 3D Help 2008

Melanie Allen, Autodesk
Alison Keller, Autodesk
Andrew Vernon, Autodesk
Marcy Telles, Autodesk

Cisco 7201 Installation and Configuration Guide

Charmaine Moyer, Cisco
Steve Stover
Mark Tandowsky, Cisco

IBM IMS Newsletter

Sandy Sherrill, IBM
Robert Lee, IBM
Glenn Galler, IBM

Scalability Revolution White Paper

Gilad David Maayan, GigaSpaces
Nati Shalom, GigaSpaces

NorthStar Help

Jackie Wheeler, NorthStar

Oracle Database SQL Language Reference 11g

Diana Lorentz, Oracle Corporation

Oracle Database 2 Day + Security Guide

Patricia Huey, Oracle Corporation

OSIsoft RtReports Documentation Set

Tonie Flores, OSIsoft

Palm Treo 755p Smartphone Quick Reference

Joe Sadusky
Cathi Skyles
Jane Faraola, Palm

Précis-Central Training Guides I & II

Nathaniel Lim, IMPAC Medical Systems
Jim Black-Downes

Using Geneva

Chris Garner
Rachel Gorski
Tom Metz

VMware Fusion Quickstart Guide

Elliott Stewart, VMware
Teresa Velasco, VMware

VMware Infrastructure 3 Documentation Set

Amy Waller, VMware
Kelli Lidwell, VMware
Wendy Shaffer, VMware
Douglas Stuart, VMware
Louise Galindo, VMware
Rebekah Cook, VMware
Rena Leith, VMware
Svetlana Voskoboinikova, VMware

VMware Workstation User's Manual

Caroline Arakelian, VMware
Elliott Stewart, VMware
Sandra Farkas, VMware
Louise Galindo, VMware


The following volunteers judged the entries:

Melody Brumis, Karen Byers, Ken Delpit, Jim Dexter, Tonie Flores, Guy Haas, Michael Meyer, Nathaniel Lim, Jessica Livingston, Joy Montgomery, Chris Muntzer, Nancy Wilson, Elaine Pendergrast, Mary Rosberg, Marc Smircich, Vince Swanson, Lenore Weiss, Nancy Wilson, Steve Zegas


The following members of the Kenneth Gordon Scholarship Committee produced and managed the competition:

Judith M. Herr, Patrick Lufkin, Richard Mateosian, Joy Montgomery